Sabrina Stadlober
The Binary Experience

About the Project:

The Project is based on the idea of the daily interaction of virtual images and their real-life counterparts. In the setting of this video, we settled the definition of a virtual image on those who experience changes through the recording, post-production, or playback.
We achieved this through the usage of post-production methods such as false colors, 3D Renderings, Projection Mapping, and abrupt video editing which visually morphs following pictures together. 

The real image of the fashion from Sabrina Stadlober will meet the virtual representations of the same fashion counterpart. 


Why we chose Fashion Film as the Medium?

The term fashion film does not refer to a narrative telling of a story, as one might know from the classical medium of 'film'. Rather, it refers to conceptual and mainly visual work with the medium of video. Fashion Film builds on Fashion Photography. The two mediums are similar in their language in that they try to convey feelings and information to the viewer by staging fashion. However, the video does this more effectively because the designer's vision can be transmitted in more detail and complex ways. Not only can the fashion be shown in motion, which is arguably the most accurate way to show off fashion because fashion designers usually design their garments intending to show them in motion.
But the vision of the designer can also be supported by audio and editing techniques and easier integration of modern visual mediums which can support the concept further.

About the Collection:

the binary experience - new faces of 0 and 1

We chose The Binary Experience as the centerpiece of the project because the personal view and ongoing concept of Sabrina Stadlober were nearly perfectly fitted for our project.

The concept of the collection is about experiences and the functionality of our 6 senses in our modern society and asks the fundamental question of how our modern digital environment changed the perception of our everyday life. 

The centerpiece of this idea is visualized through the binary code on her garments. It is based on various texts Sabrina chose herself and is generated randomly.  



In her collection, she experimented with minimal but yet dystopian silhouettes which are manipulated with various techniques to embrace the binary code on various parts of her clothes. These binary details are especially shown in our photography work for this project.

A big part of her concept we adapted in our video work is the usage of all human senses. We adapted the idea of feeling the haptic 3D- Details on her clothes and integrated this in our video and our concept of the virtual counterpart. Also, the idea of seeing as an important sense to experience her clothes and the idea of a sensory burnout are also prevalent in our video work. 

Photography: Jakob Kotzmuth
Concept & Creative Direction: Jakob Kotzmuth & Laura Arzberger
Fashion: Sabrina Stadlober
Collection: The Binary Experience
Hair and Makeup: Manuela Feuchter
Models: Julia Verwüster & Sophie Hollensteiner

Camera Operators: Jakob Kotzmuth & Laura Arzberger  
Light: Max Kollreider
Post Production & 3D Design: Johannes Fischer
Production & Organisation:  Jakob Kotzmuth & Laura Arzberger
Sound Effects: Elias Kollmann